This is Mlle our first Coton. She had some wonderful puppies for

Thanks Mlle for giving us such wonderful litters. Thanks to the
families that have Mlle Puppy/Puppies in their home. We enjoy all
the wonderful things we hear from you.

Mlle is grandmother to our Hanna
This is Tesa our Belgium import. I am sure you have
heard Cotons acted like clown, well it is true. Tesa is
the clown in our bunch. She is a very fun girl. Her
favorite thing to do after a rain storm is find a big
puddle and hop right in.  Story we love to tell about
their puppies outside one day after a rain storm.
Well Tesa jumped right into the first puddle she
came across and not far behind were her 4 puppies.
Happy is Belgium import. Our Happy is our cuddle
dog. He will lay on your lap for hours. He really makes
you feel well loved. Happy enjoys being with his
people. Happy also is very good daddy. He takes
good care of his puppies and his girls.

Happy is grandfather to our Hanna, the next
generation of our breeding program
Our Code of Ethics:

Breed for: Happy & Healthy puppies (FREE of hereditary diseases.)
Parents health screened by ON Veterinary college radiology section, eyes certified by DR Richard Christmas of
17th Avenue Animal Hospital AB, and other Steeples Vet Clinic and Home Call Veterinary Service.  

Always vet check each litter before they ever leave our place to go to new homes.

Always register each litter and make sure to keep good breeding records.

Always keep in contact with each family and make sure that they and their Coton
are doing well together.

Keep our price reasonable and with in market value world wide.

When selling for use as show/breeding dog making sure that they have desirable
quality that fits the breed standards. Also have health guarantee.

Helping new breeders when needed.  
Blanche Of Blue Moon Cottage
Sezard Of Blue moon Cottage X Vivalove Of Blue Moon Cottage"
Bunny Of Blue Moon Cottage
Yoshy Of Blue moon Cottage X Rangoon Du Manoir De Montmorency"
Mocha De La filature Du Coton
"Yeti Of Woodland Cottage x Yukulele Of Woodland Cottage
Our first Cotons
These three gave us wonderful start to our breeding program. They produced wonderful
happy puppies that became family members/Best friends, to some truly great people.