Q & A
Question: How are Cotons with children?

Answer: We have found them wonderful with Children.  Most of our families have Children in different age groups. They really love children
and love to play and be cuddled by them.

Question: How about other animals.

Answer: Well a lot of our families have other pets like, Dogs and Cats. They get along with both fine. When bringing new pet into house hold
do make sure to watch them until they get use to each other. We have notice that Cotons will quickly want to play with their new house mate.
We have taken our Coton camping where there is any number of other dogs and they become friends very quickly. We do suggest when you
get your new pup, that you put in puppy class so puppy can get use to being around different dogs.

Question: How are they with strangers

Answer:  Cotons are real loyal to their owner. So they can be reserved with some strangers due to their owner loyalty. This is not in any way
to be compared to a lack of socialization. In time they get use to new people. This breed is alert and have a constant sense of what is going on
around them, but they are not hyper in this behavior. They will bark to alert you to something new.

Question: Are Cotons huge barkers like a lot of small breeds?

Answer: No. They will alert you to something if they feel the need. Our first Coton Mlle we did not hear for many months and when she did
bark it was a chirp. Each Cotons has it very own bark. Try not to laugh when you hear them bark, you might make them feel bad when you
hear their strange bark!!!

Qustion: How are they to train?

Answer: Wonderful. They are a very intelligent and want to please their owner. We have been told by many of our Cotons families that their
puppy has finish puppy class couple of weeks, before class is to end.  You would not believe some of the things our puppies families have
taught their Coton/Cotons.

Question: What would you say Cotons are knew best for?

Answer: The Coton is known around the world as the "anti stress companion." Know to be great to take to seniors homes or hospitals to cheer
people up. Nothing better then have one of these guys on your lap to make you smile. The most outstanding characteristic of the Coton de
Tulear is their behavior. The Coton is a companion dog, bred for the pure delight of its intelligent, loving attention to their human family. They
like to snuggle in the lap or rest close by like a small elegant fluffy blanket. They are calm, love to walk on their hind legs and entertain.

Question: How active can they be?

Answer:  Cotons do enjoy exercise, but it is not required to keep them healthy. The breed is sturdy, and they do enjoy hiking, and walking at
the side of their Owner. As well they are capable of quite impressive feats of stamina and agility but they will also adapt to a mostly indoor life.
Many of our families take their Cotons out to the beach on hot summer days. A lot of them enjoy the water.

Qustion: Are they ok if there is no other dog in house hold?

Answer: Yes again because they are so loyal to owners they do not need another dog as they have you. We have to say it is hard to only just
have one. Once you have one you'd like another one. As some of our families do.

Question: How are they to travel?

Answer: Well ours love to come with us in vehicle. Many of our puppies families take their Cotons on trips with them. Some small trips some
bigger trips. They also get use to air travel. We have some families that go on long vacations and their Coton goes with them.

Question: What is their coat like?

Answer: Their coat has the feeling of soft cotton and is hypoallergenic. They are a white breed. They may be born with colour on head, ears
and through out body, but as they get older it will fade way. Some will keep ting of colour on their ears and feet. Many are as white as cotton.
You can also keep Cotons clipped. We get our Cotons clipped three time a year. Our groomer does the puppy cut for them. If you want to keep
them fully coated make sure to have them really well groomed few time a year, to get rid of under coat.  They are nice to groom.

Question: How big are they?

Answer: Between 10-15lbs and 9-12inches. That is what ours are any way. Some breeders are bigger.

Question: What is difference in sex?

Answer: We have alway found the boys to be the huge snugglers, they will snuggle up to you longer then the girls. They enjoy to play with
other dogs, but do not need to. Girls snuggle, just not as much. They love to play with other dogs and seem to tire out last. Also we have found
higher percentage of boys being born over girls.

Question: How are they sent to new homes if owner can not pick up?

Answer: By Pacific Air or Air Canada.
Happy in nursing home visiting Grandma Maki
This is what our guys look like after being clipped