About us

Peggy retired RN, that now is in to natural health products. She loves helping people as well their 4 legged
friends. She is very passionate about it.

Ken accountant and husband to Peggy.

Jodi daughter of Peggy and Ken. Been raising and training horses since 1994.

In 2000 we decided we wanted to become small dog breeder, but first to pick the breed. Took us 3 years of
thinking about it  and researching breeds. We are so glad it did. Because up until that third year had never
heard of the Coton De Tulear. Once you hear about this breed and get one you are hooked. These guys
become family members right off.

We choose to stay a small breeder with  2-3 girls and 1 breeding male at a time. We believe in only breeding
our girls once a year. This is for many reason, most of all  not to run down our girls.
We love our Cotons and want them to live long happy lives. They are on top of the line food, that is sold by
dog food stores, not every day stores.  They go see vet as needed. We take our Cotons to groomer three
times a year to be clipped. Get a lot of people time and outside time. Because we work on place we are
around our Cotons a lot. They are huge part of our lives.

Every now and then during summer Ken and Peggy go camping on family land in Alberta, when they go they
take one or two Cotons and leave one or two with Jodi. They love it. And it's nice to still have four legged
family member with you. Because of having the horses and Cotons, we really do not go on holidays and if do
one of us stays home, to look after our four legged friends. We do not kennel or crate our Cotons. When
inside house they are either at our feet, on our lap or laying next to us. Our guys love being outside as well.
They spend a great deal of the day outside with us.  At night they sleep next to us.  

Peggy and Ken consider the Cotons and Horses their grand children. And Jodi her kids. There is nothing like
having a dog in your home, make it a Coton and that triples. We have always had 2 dogs in our home as long
as Jodi can remember. And even if one day we stop breeding we will continue to have one or two and I'll tell
you which breed it will be COTON DE TULEAR!

We also take the time to really get to know our families. In most cases we have talked to families
few hours before they ever even reserve a puppy with us. From time booked on families get up
dates on female, when bred, when litter is born and then they get litter up dates. We try to send
pictures to families few times a week. As we get closer to date of puppies leaving our home for
their new homes, we talk to families over phone more. We believe in being in contact. After all
families are trusting us to raise their new family member from birth until couple months old. As well
to this day we are in contact with puppy families that choose to stay in contact. Some times
monthly, yearly or years later.

We are members of  CFC "Canine Federation of Canada" and our puppies are registered with them.
Our membership # 5294840

Since 2003 we have been lucky to breed these wonderful guys. And hope to continue for many years.
If you want to learn more about us and our Cotons please give us a call
250-422-3163 leave message if we do not answer.
We are most likely out with our four legged friends.