I have been intending to send this little
photo album for ages.  It will show & tell
you how loved & what a wonderful
companion my “Tucker” is.  I don’t
know what I would do without him.  
Except for the times I am away working
we do almost everything together & he
loves to go with me on my 2 – 3 mile
walks. He is so happy & friendly with
everyone & is a real “goof” at times.  
He occasionally goes into what I call
his “White Tornado” mode & there is
just this little white whirlwind tearing
around in high speed gear & acting
very funny.  I’ll never regret the
decision I made to own him.
I love him dearly.  

Take care MaryAnn & Tucker!!


Hi Peggy and Jodi and family,

Just to let you know.  We absolutely
love and adore Dom.  He is so laid
back and at times he has little bursts of
energy, but I get the sense he is
a polite young man.  You have brought
him up well.

By the way, I get up through the night
on a regular basis, to take Dom to
pee.  He doesn’t need to I've realized.  
He has been holding it through the
night.  My boys, Benjamin and Nicholas
want me to wake them in the night as
they want to be with me when I take
Dom to potty. (I think, what is the big
deal?... But I'm a girl, and these boys
seem to know what matters in life I

Wendy Miller

Wanted to drop you a quick note to tell
you that Miki is doing fabulously. He
has grown a lot and I am sure if he
could talk, would tell you that he is very
happy in his new home. We are
enjoying his playful personality
tremendously. He is a star in the
neighbor hood. We can't seem to walk
more than 10 feet without someone
asking us what kind of breed Miki is.



Dear Jodi and Peggy,

Steve (daddy) here. We have recently fallen in love with
the most delightful puppy. He brings us joy everyday
and whenever we come home to him he charms us
with his antics. He is very intelligent. He is affectionate
and even though it's only been a month we can't
imagine life without our little Sammy. We are grateful
for the care you took in bringing Sammy to us.Ruth
here, thanks so much for this wonderful creature. He's
just a darling puppy and we love him to bits. He's
happy in his little room and plays there endlessly
when we're at work. But, once home, Sammy is like
our appendage, always by our side, and equally
affectionate to both his mommy and daddy.I never
thought I'd love another dog as much as my
beloved Didi but Sammy has found a huge place in my
heart and we're so happy we found him (through you).
He's eating ostrich Amore food and is up to 4.2 lbs.
Thanks again for a wonderful companion.

Steve & Ruth

Hey Jodi, we are loving Lacey! and she is doing great!
she is healthy and she just went today for her shots! I
am surprised I thought she would be sleeping all
night but she seems to be fine and she is still playing
and going crazy! hahah she has been getting more
and more curious as she has been getting older it is
sooo cute!



Hi Peggy and Jodi,

We decided to call our little coton "Zephyr" Toby and he
has been a joy since the moment he arrived!
The last few years have brought some very difficult and
heartbreaking times and we have also had some
great joys - we have so often said "what would we do
without Toby?" He has made our joys more joyful and
our sorrows more bearable and he has an uncanny
ability to know who needs him the most! He has a
good vocabulary and his favourite word is "play". He
also has his official Fraser Valley Health
Volunteer Tag, you will not be surprised to hear how
much he loves people. I will send photos as soon as I
can. At the moment his hair is short and we can see
those big, brown expressive eyes - such begging eyes!

Bernice and family

Kibo goes every where with Daren & Toni
including work. He is their kid. They love to
dress him up as seen in left picture. Carry him
around in his leather bag. Which my brother
Jon has seen first hand and said Kibo hopes
right into his bag when he knows it is time to
go out.

Daren & Toni


Well Happy second birthday Bentley
Here's some current pictures of Bentley.  He is
one special little creature.  We love looking at
all the pictures of his siblings as they are
updated on the website.  Koda is doing great
and he is a 'minni-me' of Bentley.  They are so
cute together.

Take care


Happy Thanksgiving!  We are thankful
that we found you and you picked us to
look after this wonderful little life.  I love
the fact that he came all the way from the
other side of Canada and has almost
crossed the entire country to get to us.  
He is our little "Canadian" dream!  We
love him.


Hi Peggy/Jodi,

How I got though life without a dog amazes me.
Quinn is my best friend. Having lead a mostly solitary
life that comes with a job that is comprised of constant

Today Quinn and I are insepartable, his doggie car
seat strapped in the gunshot positiont. He loves the
car and has the whole routine of getting in and out of
the car seat down pat. He is a truly amazing little guy,
he's just naturally smart. From the day I brought him
home he has never begged at the table during a meal.
He always goes to his day bed until we're done. No
one taught him that.

Many people have mentioned how happy he is, and I

Hope all is well,

Debi Walls & Quinn

I just want to thank you again for our wonderful
bundle of joy! He’s a wonderful, playful and
happy pup that makes you smile every time
you look at him!   6 months later they got a girl from us
named Eevie. Charlie and Eevie are great friends.

Thanks again

Christine Roe

Just a quick Hello to you both.  I wanted to let you know
that Margaux and Gaston are both well!
Everyday spent with these two is magical

Here is what families have to say
Lauri, wrote us on how much joy Jolie has
given them. She inquired about getting a
second Coton from us in 2007, but we
were booked. So she went with another
breeder we suggested. She says both her
Cotons are doing wonderfully. Here is
picture of them in 2008.
MaryAnn & Tucker!! Every year we get letter
from MaryAnn and pictures of her Tucker.
Here is wonderful picture of her with him
Tara at 2