Hello Jodi and Peggy, we had another excellent day with him.  
He goes for a couple of hours then crashes.  No accidents yet.  
He just loves the back yard.   He really is a character.
She was so adorable when I brought her into our house.  I met
Mike outside so I could meet her first ...... she was unbelievably

I brought her into the house & the boys nearly fell over.  They said
it was like a dream & they didn't want to pinch themselves in case
they woke up!

Photos copy righted to Deborah Barnes Photography
Hello Jodi and Peggy,

He is just so smart and loves to play while using his head. He past obedience training
with flying colors.
Hunter and Jasper at 10 weeks. They are almost completely
house trained and are learning the go up and down the patio
steps. Jasper is always the first to learn as Hunter seems to
be more of a laid back, mello, wait and see kinda guy. They
both get brushed everyday and just love it! Boy do they get
fuzzy! They sleep 8 hours ever night by themselves in the
kitchen and do not use the pee pad. Today we are starting
the leash train so we can start to use the public walking path

Murphy & Jayda having get together
Helen and Stan two retirees are
sure enjoying their Casey. When
they head from Alberta to Creston
BC they stop in to visit. Casey and
our guys enjoy a good play