The Coton de Tulear originates
from Madagascar, the world's
fourth largest Island. It lies in the
Indian Ocean, southeast of the
coast of Africa. It's Capital is
Tananarive. Tulear is a port city
in the southwestern coast of
Madagascar. The island was a
favorite ground for sea pirates
in the 1600 & 1700's.
According to the history or legend, the arrival of the Coton in Madagascar
dates around the 15th Century. Ships sailed to the West Indies, around
Africa's Cape of Good Hope, into the Mozambique Channel to the Indian Ocean.
Sea Voyages were always long and boring and sailor's life was very bad. To offset
their hardship and the loneliness to the ladies also travelling on these ships, little
white dogs accompanied them, the same little dogs were also used to rid the ships of
unwanted mice and rats which were consuming sailors and passenger's food.
During a violent storm, a ship wrecked in the proximity of Madagascar. Noone knows
the name of the ship or its flag but all the sailors perished in the Ocean. The fact of
the matter is that some little white dogs swam ashore around the southwestern coast
of the island. It is assumed that they are the ancestors of today's Bichon Frise.

These dogs settled on the island, became wild again, met eventually with the local
terriers. The Coton resulted from their relationship. These little dogs foraged for
food to survive and learned to protect themselves cunningly against predators. They
hunted the wild boar in packs. Another story tells us that the dogs wanted to cross a
river infested with crocodiles. These reptiles, with wide open mouths, were patiently
waiting for their feast!! Since swimming across was sheer suicide, our dogs needed a
diversion to reach the opposite bank. And that is exactly what they did! They looked
first for the narrowest passage, then ran to the widest part of the river, started
barking so ferociously that the racket allured all the crocodiles to that spot. Slowly
and clumsily the reptiles started climbing the bank, and our sly dogs sprinted back to
the narrowest passage, jumped into the water and swam across!
Later the natives fell in love with these little white dogs, domesticated and offered
them to the King and Malagasy nobles. Because of their beauty and personality these
dogs became the favorite of Kings and nobles and, for many years, only people with
"royal blood" could own and raise them.
At the turn of the century

French colonialists also fell under the spell of these little dogs, bit by bit, upon their
return to their native country, they raised the Cotons as pets.

The standard of the Coton de Tulear was established in 1969 and submitted to the
Federation Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I. Group 9) in 1970 and it is since Feb 1971 that
the breed has been recognized by the F.C.I.

According to the F.C.I. Standard, the height of the male at the withers varies between 25 to
32 cm (ideal is 28cm), the height of the female at the withers varies between 22 - 28 cm
(ideal 25cm). The male weighs between 4 - 6 kg and the female weighs between 3.5 - 5 kgs.
The ratio of the height (at the withers to the length is 2:3).
The Coton is a small, sweet, “cottony” long-haired dog. Hair can be clipped – that is what we do!
Our groomers love the Cotons. They say you can do anything and they are so laid back. The
nose is black, lips are thin, rimmed with black. The Eyes are big, dark brown, round, well spaced
rimmed with black and show a lively and intelligent expression. The ears are dropped, thin,
triangular and covered with long hair. The body is proportionately twice as long as the height
with a curved topline which differentiates them from the Bichon.

Puppies are born either all white or with spots, mainly around the head and the ears, but
sometimes also the body. These spots:yellow, brown, rust or black, disappear while growing
and occasionally leave behind a faint champagne coloring. Hair is short as a puppy but reaches
approximately 4”s or so in adulthood, soft and fluffy to the touch, non-oily, and light as the
cotton flower. The Coton’s hair is non-allergenic and they are non shedding so they are a good
choice for people that have sensitivities or allergies.

The Coton is an anti-stress dog! This is so very true. They expect love, FOOD (Coton’
s love their food!!!!!), companionship and protection. They will NEVER tire of
attention. If you pet, carry, HUG (they LOVE hugs), and talk to them you will see the
results. He will shower you with kisses since he is so affectionate and being a good
listener, will cock his head to the side while you talk to him!! Coton’s are LIVELY,
playful, and are real clowns, they put a smile on your face. Coton’s are sometimes
taken as vistors to seniors homes and they love it saying nothing about the smiles
they put on the seniors faces.

They love to follow you and see what you are up to. His voice is so unique. It is
not a bark – more like a chirp. When we first heard the voice we thought their
was a bird in the house!!
Coton’s get along will with other dogs – big or small, a wonderful traveler,
smart so are easy to train & housebreak. This little dog is amazingly athetic.

Their average life span is 16 yrs. Even though they love the outside –
rain, snow, they are an inside dog.
This little dog is keen and alert, even though they love to sleep they are awake in a millisecond
if a strange noise happens and they alert you something is happening. They make wonderful
watch dogs without the noise!!!!!
We wondered how our “little whites” would be with children and so took them on an 8 hr drive
to a camp with about 35 – 40 people, aging from baby to 66. Our little dogs got right into there
befriended everyone as well as the other 4 dogs of all sizes and were carted around by 4 yr olds
and never made an attempt to growl or snap. They do love the attention. That being said these
little girls didn’t mistreat them. They were very careful.

The Coton is a People dog. He loves people and will most often leave other animals to be with
you. It is important they get a lot of attention and support. What they give in return is absolute
joy and companionship.
Our first litter was born in Dec of 2003, from our first breeding female Mocha DE La Filature Du Coton "a.k.a Mlle" Sired by our male
Bunny Of Blue Moon Cottage "a.k.a Happy" They had three beautiful puppies 1 female and 2 males. Their puppies went to wonderful
homes. We are so pleased as the first born from our first litter has his  official Fraser Valley Health Volunteer Tag. The second born
went to a family starting out their breeding program. The third went to wonderful lady out in MB. We still years later get yearly up
dates on these three wonderful puppies that have given each of their families joy.

We decided to get second female, Blanche Of Blue Moon Cottage "a.k.a Tesa" She was bred to Happy for a litter of puppies few
months after getting her. She had 2 males and 2 females that summer. Tesa was so much fun to watch with her litter, as she so enjoys
having puppies. She plays with them so much. Well again we found 4 wonderful families for her litter. Hers went to ON, AB, & two
stayed in BC. We also get up dates now and then from families.

Now it is years after our first litter, many litters later. We get regular up dates from our puppies families. Many of them are growing up
with young family members, Some enjoy summer time at the beach, in the water or boating. Many go to work with their owners. And a
few have become mothers them selves. We are pleased to say all feed back on our puppies is positive, as you can see from write ups
Gallery pages. Puppies are all healthy and doing wonderfully in their homes.

Our Cotons continue to bring us joy. We love to take them with us when camping and they love to go for car or truck rides. Each one
is so very different in what they like best. Mlle who is retired now enjoys helping me feed the horses "
She stays on other side of
." and loves to hang around well working in the yard. She still runs around like a white blur when she is excited and having fun.
She also will stand on her back legs saying pick me up pick me up. She is just so cute and fun.

Happy is our cuddle boy. He enjoys to snuggle on your lap and most of the time on his back. When out side he enjoys walking to end
of our road way or to barn. Also loves to roll around in dirt. He loves coming with us the most in the car or truck. Does not matter
where your going he just wants to be there. When your up set he will come for a snuggle and it makes you feel so much better. Sadly
Happy past away fall 2008. We miss him so much. We always planned to keep one of his son for our breeding program but that has not
come to pass.  In 2009 we were able to get one of Happy and Mlle's granddaughters. Hanna is a lot like them.

Tesa is our clown. She is just so funny!!! Loves to run through puddles after a good rain storm or spring melt. Her hair on her head is
wildest of all our Cotons which bounces all over the place when she gets moving at fast walk or her run. She also smiles a lot.

Bob  joined our house hold fall 2008.  Like Tesa, he is a clown. He is active and playful. Beautiful fluffy white coat. He smiles a lot. Bob
is alway at Jodi's side. Is is very loving. We are pleased with his litters he has produced for us as well as Vancouver Island Cotons.

Mika joined our household  2009. She is the smallest of our Cotons. She enjoys being outside, playing with Hanna, Bob and our barn
cats. Never seen cats and dogs that like each other and play with each other so much. Mika is our little clown and I do believe she
never wants to grow up.

As of 2011 we have 5 Cotons in our home Hanna, Mika, Anna, Bob and Casper.  Hanna and Mika have both had puppies in 2011. Anna
is from Hanna's litter. Anna goes back to start of our breeding program. Casper we got from overseas. Micky of Woodland Cottage and
Susanne of Lillywhite Cotons are who we got Casper from. Casper is future sire to our puppies. Bob has been retired and was
neutered end of Sept. His last litter will be born in Oct.

Ken accountant, Peggy retired RN, Jodi daughter who raises, trains and sells horses. Peggy and Jodi are around a lot since work on
place. Ken works in Cranbrook 3 days a week and rest of time at home.   
Mlle & Tille
Hanna and Mika in 2010
8 week old Tucker
8 month old Tucker