Mika's 2011 Puppies
Charlie is doing amazing!  Like I said before, his first night was so-so
but after that he's slept through the night without a peep.  He has
also met some new people (at our house as well as my in-laws, who
don't have pets)  He has been chilled, even with a 9 month old
baby.  Last night, before bed, he had his wildest playtime yet...racing
around the family room in circles like a race track! (brings back
memories of my toy poodle who used to do that exact same thing -
he died at 13 1/2, 5 yrs ago.)

We are extremely happy with Charlie and he's fitting in very nicely
with our family.


Hi Jodi and Peggy!
Just wanted to write and update you on Lucy. Last week we went on
a 5 hour plane ride to Toronto! Lucy sat under my feet on the plane
and didn't make a peep the entire ride, she just slept and was her
playful usual self when we arrived. Then, it was another 2 hour car
ride to the cottage where Lucy sat in the back seat in her crate and
watched all the cars go by. She travels VERY well. There, she
played with my boyfriend's Coton Misty and everyone fell in love with


Angel (Hope) is amazing, she is such a great spirit.  She is eating
great, playing non-stop and sleeping thru the night.  We are all in
love.  I think she is very happy as well.  She just barked a message
to me to say “hi”-“tell them I love them and give my Mama a kiss for
me.”  She does love to communicate and I love that about her. What
a doll.

Sending love and good wishes to you,


(PS by the third day with us, she was going in and out of the doggie
door with ease..what a bright one she is.  She loves being outside
and is learning the fine points of sunbathing in the afternoons.  She
and Rosie love to have a snooze in the backyard.  Its been quite
nice lately-72 degrees the other day.
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