Hi Peggy and Jodi,

We went to my sisters this week end and she has two
grandchildren, one is 5 and the other is 3. This was
Bently’s and Sophie’s first time with children and they
were absolutely fabulous.  They loved the kids and had a
blast.  These two are absolutely fabulous; they are
sooooooo friendly with virtually everybody.  They are a
pleasure to travel with.  It does not matter where we go or
for how long they are absolutely fine.  We love, love, love

Take care,

Garth and Renee


Dawson has wriggled her way into our hearts
very quickly.  Tell Peggy that we give her lots
and lots of huggles.  


Hello so everything is great, I think my husband has
ended u pbeing the one who is being the "gushiest."

He is good natured, everyone loves him and he is so
good with small children we encounter, very patient. Our
neighbour just lost her little dog and they also have a
Bassett Hound, they bring Louis over to play with him and
keep him company.


It was so nice to meet you both and Jodi we are sorry we
did not get to meet you as well. It was evident that Zuzu
was coming from a home full of love.  She was so good
on the way home.  She either sat on my lap or was
bundled in my jacket when we ventured out to Lake
Louise.  The children were thrilled when we arrived with
her, needless to say they tuckered her out quite quickly.
She sleeps in her bed in our bedroom and knows when
it is bedtime and wake up time too!!


Just wanted to say hi and give you an update on the
"little girl". She is doing really well and is so grown up.
She is really cute. Especially when she is tired, she lies
oh her back and likes to rub her belly.  

This is a really busy time for me, so I like to work from
home in order to spend more time with Erma and CoCo.
I will be in the office and Erma will be in the living room.
So what CoCo does is to lie on the edge of the couch so
that she can keep both me and Erma in sight:) She really
likes to be beside both of us! So cute!


Hi Peggy and Jodi

I can't believe that it is a month since Dante has arrived.
He sure has changed our lives. He is so adorable and
so cuddly that everyone melts when they see him. He
has such a serious and expressive face. He has Mom
trained and his big brother Troy (22yrs) enjoys playing
and sleeping with him

Thanks so much for the little cutie!!

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